About Us


ILSCMI’s mission is to advance knowledge and career progression through life-long learning in the fields of purchasing , transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. ILSCMI’s membership of purchasers, shippers, carriers, educators, students, supply chain consultants, and third-party logistics individuals are dedicated to continuing education and committed to raising the professional standards in the industry.



The vision of ILSCMI is to be the global leader in educating and certifying logistics and supply chain professionals.

The ILSCMI was founded in 2001 by 12 leading logistics industry associations to foster and promote the profession of logistics and create a recognized certification program. The role of ILSCMI is to work with industry stakeholders to develop human resources that are specific for logistics and supply chain sector .

In 2002 the ILSCMI created a recognized certification program designation to strengthen the business skills of individuals employed in the logistics and supply chain sector. Today, the number of logisticians and supply chain professionals and managers who have earned their certification from ILSCMI designation increased to more than 3000 worldwide.