This Certified Logistics Professional (CLM) program guarantees measured improvement in different levels of your Logistics activities. You will be exposed to many enlightening tools that are unmatched in the measured results they will produce for you and your organization. This is a completely interactive program and therefore you are requested to be open minded, Sharing your ideas and experiences, asking questions and hence being hundred percent participative.

Logistics management is a critical company function. Professionals in this field play a key role in fulfilling customer demands, ordering and managing inventory, controlling inbound and outbound shipments, reducing costs, saving time, and meeting company objectives. This course will not only show you how to create and operate a logistics function, but it will also show you how to achieve success through a combination of strategies and tactics.

All elements of distribution and logistics management will be covered, including physical distribution, warehouse selection, material handling, packaging, order fulfilment, customer service, inventory management, receiving, production stores, and returned goods. The course will also address key technology issues such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), bar coding, electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic commerce (e-commerce), and distribution resource planning (DRP).

This CLM certification recognizes the functional interrelationships within the professional responsibilities of logisticians regardless of their occupational roles. The title “Certified Logistics Manager” will be granted to individuals of proven competence in logistics chain management who complete the certification process designed to test their broad knowledge of the broad application of logistics and Supply Chain management activities

Candidates who successfully complete the certification program are awarded a specially designed certificate attesting to the successful completion of the certification process.

Successful candidates of the certification program are granted the designation of “Certified Logistics Manager (CLM),” by ILSCMI – International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute. The professional designation should be used in a dignified manner similar to the recognition accorded the accounting, medical insurance, and other professionals. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual’s name on business cards and stationery, but always in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Society


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