The CERTIFIED PURCHASING PROFESSIONAL (CPP) program is for professionals who have demonstrated the skills to successfully implement improved purchasing and supply chain practices as part of a business solution in an organization and willing to take up purchase and supply chain management as a career option.

Course Objective

  • To give recognition to the certified professionals involved in the activities and supply chain and purchasing.
  • To prepare certain functional guidelines and to maintain a level of performance for the effectiveness in purchase ad supply chain business solutions.
  • To augment the individual confidence and satisfaction of the personnel involved in the direct operations of supply chain management.
  • To allow the participants to implement their in-house training modules in the real-time supply chain operations.

Course Benefits

  • CPP gives the benefit to the candidates to attain experience, integrity and professional skills in purchase and supply chain management.
  • Being a certified course, it gives the advantage to the candidate to appear for professional posts in any esteemed organization.
  • Course allows the candidates to gain confidence and competence in accomplishing the activities related to purchase and supply management

Successful candidates of the certification program are granted the designation of “Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP),” by ILSCMI – International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute. The professional designation should be used in a dignified manner similar to the recognition accorded the accounting, medical insurance, and other professionals. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual’s name on business cards and stationery, but always in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Society.

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