The CERTIFIED SUPPLY CHAIN PROFESSIONAL (CSCP)certificate program is an opportunity to learn how to effectively and efficiently manage the activities of the supply chain and prepare yourself for an in-demand career with solid earning potential.Supply chain management is the process of managing materials, information and financial flows in a network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers. The coordination and integration of these flows are critical to many manufacturing, distribution and service industries. Emphasis will be on the importance of the supply chain and the role it plays in an organization’s strategic development. Instructors are highly-regarded working professionals who combine current theoretical knowledge with skill-based learning and proven best practices that can be applied immediately to the workplace

Course Objective

  • Understanding the functions comprising logistics, how these functions interact, and how logistics can be managed as a system to reduce total cost
  • Recognizing how logistics affects customer service, corporate performance and competitive advantage
  • Identifying the key logistics processes that span multiple enterprises and how managing logistics as a supply chain process creates values for the end-user and all key stakeholders
  • Developing effective strategies for logistics managers to improve corporate performance while simultaneously increasing customer service and improving corporate performance.

Candidates will be guided to have an understanding of the basic elements of the supply chain function. This includes the areas pertaining to the delivery of customer value, including the management of transportation, inventory flows, purchasing (both domestic and international), supply management, and warehouse management. The candidate must also have a firm grasp on the impact of decisions that have been made regarding each of these functions, on the total cost and operating effectiveness of the whole logistics system.
Candidates must be able to view a broader perspective of the importance of network design, the financial impact of supply chain decision making, and the relationship development and management needed for effective supply chain partnerships.

What makes ILSCMI CSCP Certificate Program unique and vital?

  • We offer a complete “end-to-end” view of SCM strategy. Sourcing and procurement, logistics, operations, strategy and organizational alignment are all included in the program.
  • This program has been crafted with a clear bias towards communicating practical lessons in supply chain strategy and implementation. Students should expect to take away actionable and proven ideas for implementation tailored to their business.
  • Our program is not unduly technical or quantitative. A balanced blend of strategic, tactical, and operational topics is covered.
  • We emphasize the importance of implementation and the development of a personal action plan.

Successful candidates of the certification program are granted the designation of “Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP),” by ILSCMI – International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute . The professional designation should be used in a dignified manner similar to the recognition accorded the accounting, medical insurance, and other professionals. Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual’s name on business cards and stationery, but always in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Society

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