Invest in your future by embarking on a career in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management has evolved to such a degree, that it is an essential part of our growing economy. If you wish to become a part of the Logistics and Supply Chain environment where control, management and securing the movement of goods from suppliers to customers has become an ever-increasing need critical to companies all over the world, then this course is designed for you. It will gain insight into how to better manage the Logistics and Supply Chain component. By the end of the program candidate will better appreciate the differences between “supply chain” and “logistics”.

t has now been established without any doubt whatsoever that lean supply chains and efficient logistics systems lead directly to increased bottom line profits. Leading edge companies which successfully gain competitive advantage and which are able to implement immediate cost savings, are those which possess knowledgeable and skilful logistics professionals. As more and more responsibility is placed on the Logistics function, the need has intensified for its practitioners to be highly skilled in the various elements of Supply Chain Management and to be completely up to date with best practices in the industry both national and international. Logisticians must take their place alongside engineers and accountants as proficient and exceptionally well-trained professionals.

Many companies wishing to up-skill their Supply Chain Personnel have found that there is a glaring lack of structured Logistics training available. The International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute (ILSCMI), the professional body for Logistics professionals, is dedicated to bridging this competency gap and to enhancing the professionalism of those involved in the industry.

The Institute’s course in Logistics Management will up-skill participants and provide them with the necessary expertise to meet the Logistics challenges of the future. The course will explore and critically examine the latest Logistics success recipes with a view to their application in the participant’s own organisation. All best practices will be illustrated with videos and case studies from leading multi-national companies. The course is particularly suitable for logistics and/or transport personnel who require flexible learning to fit around their work commitments.

The ILSCMI’s Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, is now producing a breed of professionals whose new found expertise has enabled both the individual and the company that they work for to reap the benefits in a very short time frame.

Course Duration

You should be able to complete this course within 12 months.

Course Content

-Integrated Supply Chain Management –Logistics Management – Forecasting and Demand Management -Creating a Logistics Competitive Advantage -Warehouse Operation and Facility Design – Procurement and Packaging – Transportation – Inventory Management – Reverse Logistics –Supply Chain Strategy – Material Management


Businesses are increasingly looking for improvements in their logistics and supply chain performance. While many students may take this major to enhance their performance potential with an existing employer, others may view this major as an opportunity to become familiar with logistics and supply chain operations. For those students, there is a very positive employment picture for graduates.

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